Our Story-

The Lighthouse Children’s Theatre began as an extraordinary vision in the mind of a retired teacher on a summer evening in August 2007. Having been running a successful home business, Executive Director Lynne Hedrick felt like there was still something missing from her life, and had been searching for a way to do something more — to help others and make a difference in her community.

When she realized that a children’s theatre was exactly what El Dorado Springs and the surrounding communities needed, everything began to fall into place. With a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in theatre, it made perfect sense. She could just see it — children in costumes, singing and dancing, their faces lit up. Parents, friends, family, and community members in the audience, captivated by the performance. A community coming together in unity. Opportunities for revitalizing the arts and culture in El Dorado Springs and beyond. This was more than just a place for children to do plays. This was the thing she had been called to do to make an incredible impact on the lives of children, and on a much larger scale, the future of the community of El Dorado Springs and beyond. It was a like a ray of light in the dark. A lighthouse, if you will.

For ten years, Lynne poured her heart and soul into the Lighthouse Children's Theatre.  However, after a decade of service, Lynne felt led to the next adventure in here life.  In August of 2017 she announced her decision to step down to the board of directors and on September 1st 2017 she officially handed the reigns of her legacy over to Jared Kouba of El Dorado Springs MO.  

​Jared, a former board member and friend of Hedrick, latched on to the vision of the Lighthouse.  He believes in the power of the performing arts to not only change a community, but impact a generation of young people for the better.  Carrying on in the spirt of his predecessor, Jared believes that the Lighthouse is more than just a place for children to do plays, it is a conduit for building a generation of confident citizens.  

​The future is bright for the Lighthouse Children's Theatre, and our story is just beginning.  

Our Mission 

Utilize stagecraft to liberate the unique creativity in the mind of every child.  Through performing arts we seek to unlock the confidence, charisma, and character needed to succeed on stage, in a community, and in life. 

Who we are

The Lighthouse Children's Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children 3-17 opportunities to learn the fine arts in acting, singing and dancing while gaining confidence and poise and attaining the skills necessary to participate in main stage productions on and off the stage.  The Lighthouse celebrates the uniqueness in each individual as it offers opportunities to the youngest and oldest of our citizens to share their gifts: their time, talents and resources while the Lighthouse builds a learning bridge of light between our generations.