The following props are need for our production of "The Elves and the Shoemaker the Musical"

  • ​Lots of Old fashion tools (Hand saws, hammers, shovels, etc.)
  • ​Large (at least 2x2) pieces of brown leather. 
  • ​Leather Shoes
  • ​Walking Cane
  • Fancy purse
  • ​Police Baton x2
  • ​Oversized ladle 
  • ​Large hanging kettle that goes in a fire place
  • Fake gold coins 
  • ​Magic Wand (A real magic wand would be awesome... you know... if you have one.)
  • ​To wood arm chairs
  • Oversized sewing needle 
  • ​Oversize thread spindle

​Thank you for helping to make our show a success.  If you would like to have the prop returned to you please ensure your name is taped somewhere on the item.  We will keep a prop log and return your item at the completion of the show.